More than an ordinary church



The corner of Ninth and College street is the home of many family gatherings and meaningful traditions. Pillar Church overlooks this corner and is immediately noticeable. It is white and majestic, with four large pillars welcoming the community congregation into its doors.

We were curious to hear what was going on inside, so we walked up the sidewalk, beneath the pillars and opened the large wooden doors to be greeted by church member Kathy Dreyer. 

Today, Dreyer and other church members gathered inside to celebrate, mourn and, ultimately, come together in faith. 

“Today, Tuesday, we celebrate the life of a member’s mother who passed away on Good Friday,” said Dreyer. 


Although the room was quiet and sadness hung in the air, Dreyer was positive about the church community. She focused on the fullness of life within the church rather than death. 

“And this Saturday,” she said, “we celebrate a new kind of life of the marriage of two church members.” 

From celebrating the beginning of life to the end, Pillar Church has proven to be more than a community, but a family of believers dedicated to celebrating every step of life together. 

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